Media clips

Here are some items I’ve filmed for “Bang Goes The Theory”

I’ve organised the clips below into a vague order.

Interacting with the public: “Street Science”

Biologist Dr Yan illustrates how evolution works – with a simple straight line and a festival full of volunteers.

Dr Yan hits the busy streets to use the collective wisdom of passers-by to guess the number of buses in London. Will they get anywhere near the actual figure?

Old sunglasses with just one lens might not look too cool, but they have their uses. Try Dr Yan’s 3D trick for yourself, the darker your specs the better.

Live broadcasts

Dr Yan presents three live experiments and answers pupils’ burning science questions.

Home-grown experiments

Film clip

If you try walking in a straight line without the usual sensory information, where do you end up? Dr Yan dons a motorcycle helmet backwards and heads to a field, to find out.

With the aid of his garden shed, Dr Yan investigates a question about food rotting. Not a film for those with queasy stomachs.

Answers to viewers’ questions

What makes a balloon go BANG! The tearing of the latex, or the sudden expansion of air? Some beautiful slow motion shots help reveal the answer.

Hands-on guides

A hands-on guide to one of the coolest experiments you can do at home. It’s magical.

Science brainteasers

Can you fit a 50p coin through a 5p sized hole – without tearing the paper? Watch Dr Yan perform a little money magic using maths.

Reconstructions of historical experiments

It’s hard to believe, but the first wireless telephone call was made in 1880. Dr Yan explains how Alexander Graham Bell encoded sound into a shimmering beam of light.

Scientific chats

Dr Yan chats to Professor Richard Dawkins about tracing genetic ancestry

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