Ancestor’s Tale list of concestors, revised


Some surprises in store for Concestor 23

When I helped write the Ancestor’s Tale, one of the big tasks was to make a human-centred tree of life: to list of all the point at which, backwards in time, the human lineage joined with lineages of other extant lifeforms. In February last year I was forwarded an email from someone using these “rendezvous points” as the basis for a song and story for children. She had seen the O’Leary  paper and wondered how much revision was needed to our original list.

For those who wish to skip to the chase, I’ve come up with a new list at the end of this post. Continue reading

Visualizing data on large phylogenies at the pixel-level


A phylogenetically organised display of data for all placental mammal species. Red pixels are those without a picture on EoL.

Modern technology, coupled with molecular taxonomy, means we now have very large evolutionary trees: ones with tens or hundreds of thousands of species. In fact, the Open Tree of Life project aims to create a tree of all living things, which would have millions of species. The obvious question is how to display these enormous amounts of data.

Here’s one possibility I’ve come up with: use a single pixel for each tip of the tree (each species). Then, if we could use the whole of a one megapixel canvas, we could display information about a million or so species. Continue reading