Analyse/classify my music collection

I reckon I don’t listen to music as much as most people: I don’t have a personal music player, and all 4 radios in our house are tuned to BBC Radio 4. But I’ve just been trying to answer a question about music for the Radio 4 programme “More or Less” (I’ll blog about that later in the week). Now I’m intrigued by an area that I know very little about, and want to do a bit of analysis, but I’m not quite sure how to do it. Continue reading

Sharks versus bees

A few weeks ago I recorded a slot fot the Radio 4 programme “More or Less“, volunteering to answer any question. A day before the broadcast, they sent me this, from a listener:

 I’m terrified of sharks. People tell me that I’m more likely to be killed by bees, than I am to be eaten by a shark. I’m not convinced. My thinking is that considerably more people come into contact with bees, than they do with sharks. Of these, the bee encounter must be less likely to end in death. Please help…I haven’t entered the sea for about 5 years.

So here’s what I managed to dig up.  Continue reading